Why Choose Us?

Let yourself be guided by a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist
specializing in pelviperineology. Through collaborative and progressive work, we will
achieve your set goals together.

With numerous specialized trainings and years of practice in various countries, I
possess a comprehensive knowledge base and adaptability to effectively address
any physiotherapy-related concerns.

Nestled within a Canarian Finca, just 10 minutes from “Maspalomas,” our clinic offers
a healing sanctuary amidst serene tranquility. Enjoy the utmost privacy along with
shaded parking available on the premises.

Experience personalized, one-on-one sessions ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours, ensuring
that you receive the best-suited treatment. We provide complimentary exercise
videos for your home practice, enabling you to continue your healing journey on a
daily basis, free of charge.

Our approach extends beyond individual healing. We maintain close partnerships
with a network of practitioners, including physiotherapists, gynecologists, physicians,
and psychotherapists, ensuring seamless referrals for comprehensive care when

Experience the latest advancements in physiotherapy with our dedicated and
expertly trained physiotherapist. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art
technologies and tools, providing a personalized and efficient rehabilitation
experience. Enjoy a comfortable and modern atmosphere designed to promote your
well-being and recovery.

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